3 Promotional Products for Gen Z-ers Entering the Workforce

Did you know that individuals born between 1997-2009 represent about 30% of the total global population? This age range is generally referred as Gen Z, and it’s predicted that by 2025, this generation will make up nearly a third of the workforce.

Considering this fact, you'll want to make sure your in-office branded products appeal to this specific age group. Here are three great promotional products that any Gen Z-er would appreciate:

1) Webcam Cover

Gen Z is the first generation to grow up using the internet natively and they know how to use it well, from interacting with friends to researching important topics. They also know some of its potential dangers, and actively think about protecting their privacy. Webcam covers promote peace of mind and prevent webcam spying.

This particular one fits most smartphones, Smart TVs, PS4 and Xbox systems, laptops, MacBooks, PCs and digital tablets. It's also available in eight different color combinations, so your Gen Z employees can pick one that speaks to them most.

2) Fanny Pack

Before you dismiss this as an outdated '80s trend, remember that fashion always comes back around. This retro accessory is suddenly hot again among the younger crowd, thanks to their convenience and unique styling. In fact, fanny pack sales quadrupled nationwide between 2017-2018 and have remained steady ever since. Join the trend and see how your logo looks on this fun design! If you're seeking out a different look, explore more options in our wide-ranging inventory.

3) Reusable Water Bottle

It's no secret that Gen Z is an environmentally conscious generation. They're actively seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint, and reusable water bottles are great ways to prevent more plastic waste. Our pick is the Tritan Wave Bottle, made with high-quality BPA-free material and available in a variety of color options. Of course, if you're looking for another style or material, we have many more water bottle options to choose from.

Looking for more great promotional product ideas for Generation Z? A member of our team would love to help you out with ideas that fit your brand perfectly. Once you see a product you like, you can always see how your logo would look in just minutes using our Swag Studio tool.

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