Budget-Friendly Promotional Products

There’s a reason no one likes budgeting — it’s hard work. Whether at home or work, deciding how to divvy up limited resources requires trade-offs, compromise and the occasional sacrifice. There’s not much fun about that.

Your company's promotional budget is no different. While every business would like to gift high-value items like clothing and electronics to potential customers, budgetary realities mean that most are looking for products that make a big impact while still being affordable.

Note that we didn’t say “cheap.” Research from PPAI, an industry association, has found that roughly 75% of people equate the quality of a promotional product with the reputation of a company. Low-grade products that feel breakable or barely work will be associated with your company, and likely thrown away.

Instead, look for quality, useful products that your customer will want to keep in their bag, car or office. That means more reach, and a big return on your (small) investment. Consider the following products:

Pens & Notepads

The pen. An essential item for every purse, backpack, glovebox, toolbox – you name it. Of course, pens are everywhere, but nice pens are not. Investing just a few more cents to upgrade your branded pen to a smooth gel, marker or stylus pen can mean the difference between discarded and essential.

The same applies to notepads, which many people like to keep stacked near their workstation or tucked into their car console. Keep it simple and clean for usability; if your budget allows, sticky notes and magnetic notepads are also appreciated by customers.


Whether you’re working at home or in the office, an attractive mug is always a welcome companion. Fortunately, a mug you actually want to keep no longer has to break your promotional budget. Colored ceramic mugs can be had for less than $2 a unit, with a wide range of other customization options available for less than $3.


You might roll your eyes at the idea of handing out a calendar, but if your goal is simply staying in front of your customers, there are few products that can match their utility. Consider a pocket planner, or a magnetic item that can be put on a fridge or filing cabinet, for a year-long impact at prices starting well under $1.

Bags & Totes

Usefulness is a leading reason that consumers hang onto promotional products, according to PPAI, making reusable bags and totes a popular choice for marketers on a budget. From eco-friendly grocery totes to handy drawstring bags perfect for the gym, there are many attractive options across a range of price points, including many starting at under $2.

Remember that when it comes to saving money, buying in bulk pays off. If your budget allows for it and your promotional plans are fairly “evergreen” – meaning, they aren’t tied to a specific timeline or event – consider stocking up to save time and money.

No matter your budget or scope, Second Story Promotions can help you reach your business promotion goals. Check out our wide selection of affordable products, or reach out to our friendly and professional team to get help finding the perfect products.

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