5 Reasons Promotional Products Need to be Part of Your Marketing Plans

Ah, a new year. Time for a fresh start and a new marketing budget! 2020 brought a lot of chaos. While we have a better idea of how to navigate 2021, so much is still unclear. Marketers may have a 2021 marketing plan, but that plan may need to be quickly changed, abandoned or redone as the year unfolds. Here are 5 reasons promotional products should be part of your 2021 marketing efforts:

1. Complement digital efforts.

Digital advertising spending soared in 2020 and that practice will continue this year. Pairing promotional products to an online campaign can help you stand out in the oversaturation of the digital space. Consumers can touch, feel and even smell promotional products, which can lead to higher recall rates. Put a landing page address or a QR code on a promo product to easily connect to your digital efforts.


2. Maximize staying power.

Did you know that each promotional mask gathers an average of 4,235 impressions? And, half of consumers shared that they would keep a logoed mask up to three months. Promo products live on past the first interaction your customer has with your message – meaning they have much stronger staying power than other types of advertising.


3. Excellent for loyalty programs.

Brand loyalty took a hit last year. Consumers are more open to trying different brands and abandoning brands they may have previously felt loyal to.

It’s much harder (and more costly) to gain new customers than it is to retain current customers. In fact, acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Whereas increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits between 25 - 95%. Consider creating a customer loyalty program in 2021 and use promo products like helpful home items as incentives or to advertise for the program itself.


4. Turnaround time is quicker than you think.

Marketing plans need to be flexible this year. Marketers must be able to turnaround projects quickly if need be. Depending on the item, Second Story Promotions can get your promo products in-hand anywhere from 10 - 20 business days from design approval (or potentially sooner subject to additional fees).


5. Help with virtual event and meeting engagement.

While vaccine roll out will allow for more in-person events and work this year, experts predict that we won’t approach some degree of normality until fall 2021. Virtual events are still the safest bet right now. Let’s face it, keeping attendees engaged in virtual settings is tough. Include a promo item in pre-event mailers that can be used during the event! Or use them as rewards to in-event games or quizzes. Food, candy and gift sets make excellent prizes!


It may be tempting for businesses to completely slash marketing budgets this year. While budgets are still tight, you may be better served by taking a scalpel rather than a cleaver to your marketing budget. The Harvard Business Journal found that companies that do this, plus put customer needs under the microscope and nimbly adjust strategies, tactics, and product offerings in response to shifting demand are more likely than others to flourish both during and after a recession. We can help you find the perfect promotional product to fit your budget and goal!

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