Incorporating Promotional Products in Your Marketing Plan

The end of 2021 means you’re probably developing your marketing strategy for 2022. Before you finalize your budget, make sure you’re saving room for promotional products.

After all, promotional products are a highly effective way to build brand awareness. According to the Promotional Products Association International, promotional products are recommended by 88% of marketers. With that stat, it would be hard for your marketing team to say no!

Here are some ways promotional products can be used to strengthen your brand and marketing strategy this upcoming year:

Employee Gifts

Branded items aren’t just for clients and customers. They’re also a great method to instill company pride and show your team you appreciate their efforts. If your marketing goal this year is to present your business as a great place to work (and it should be), promotional products can help create that positive company culture.
Here are some great employee gift ideas:

Trade Show and Conference Giveaways

While they’re more relevant to certain industries than others, trade shows and conferences are typically a great opportunity to network and assess the competition. More importantly, they’re an excellent way to pitch your product or service to potential customers.

Whether someone stops by your booth to hear the pitch or just pauses while making their rounds, make sure they leave with a promotional item. The branded item will guarantee they won’t forget your company, and it may be the reason they follow up when the trade show ends.

Here are some tradeshow items that nobody could pass up:

In-Office Merch

When most people think about promotional products, they associate them with giveaways and event marketing. However, don’t forget about in-office merch! If you’re a business with a lot of front desk traffic, like a dental office or a car dealership, promotional products are a fantastic addition. They're also much more effective than a plain stack of business cards on the counter.

Here are some items that clients are sure to pick up:

Showing Appreciation for Loyalty

If your business relies on relationship building and long-term clients, promotional items are a way to improve retention! After all, customers and clients that feel appreciated are more likely to stick around.

Our website Idea Generator has a ton of great products for any major occasion, from client birthday gifts to holiday goodies.

Here are some items any client would be happy to receive:
Here at Second Story Promotions, we make it easy to incorporate promotional products in your marketing strategy. Start today with our online Swag Studio reach out to our team for help bringing your brand to life!

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