Ways to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Promotional Product Plan

You can put more on your promotional products than just a logo. In fact, you can use your items as an opportunity to promote your social media profiles and turn recipients into loyal followers. Here are a few popular ways our customers are using promotional products to boost their social:

Put Your Socials on the Products

socials on coffee cup

Maximize promotional potential by adding social media icons and handles to your design, so recipients know where to find you online.

For events and campaigns, you can also incorporate a hashtag on your giveaway items so that recipients can use it later on social media. For example, your next fundraiser visor could say “#funrun2022” and drive attendees to use it in their Instagram posts.

Once you find the perfect item, our Swag Studio makes it easy to add text and images to your products, so you can customize your social promos. Our team is also happy to help you add relevant icons to your items, just reach out!

Start a Social Media Contest

Start a social media contest

Looking for a way to spice up your marketing strategy and build some excitement? Use promotional products to launch a social media contest. This can be a fun and exciting way to get recipients to engage with your social platforms. Here’s how:

1. Choose Your Product. We usually see “short-term use” products used for contests. This includes items like lip balm, pencils, and hand sanitizer bottles.

2. Assign Each Item a Code. Once you know how many items you’re planning to include in the contest, assign them unique variables or QR codes. Don’t forget to identify a handful of them as “winners.” When you’ve got your codes ready, our team will help you put them on the items.

3. Tell Your Audience. Make sure your recipients know what they could win and what to do with the codes! Ask them to post the code on their social media pages and tag your business to find out if they’ve won the prize.


Start a Social Media Giveaway

Start a social media giveaway

Giveaways are a classic strategy to build audience engagement. If you conduct them regularly on social media, they can also be an incentive to follow or like your page.

Note that giveaway items are typically pricier items. Nobody will go through the trouble of participating in a contest for the chance to win a keychain—think along the lines of backpacks, Bluetooth speakers, or outdoor gear.

Once you've chosen a prize from our website, there are several ways to conduct giveaways. Here are the most popular:

1. Through a Post Giveaway. Layout the instructions for participating in the contest by making a social or blog post. In this post, describe the giveaway item, what someone needs to do to win, and when the winner will be chosen. A common strategy is to have users comment on the post to “be entered.”

2. Through a Live Video Giveaway. Live video giveaways are becoming more popular, as most of the major social media platforms now have this feature. Hit the red button and see how many viewers you attract. You can randomly select a viewer to win or see who can answer a question fastest. The possibilities are endless!

Looking for assistance with any of these great ideas? Our team would be happy to help you use promotional products to boost your social media presence, just reach out!

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