What to Look for in a Tumbler

If you've kept up with our last few blogs (and the latest trends in general), you'll remember that tumblers and other reusable products are all the craze right now! Since they are sustainable, sanitary, and smart, they're beneficial not only for your own well-being, but for your clients and employees when it comes to staying hydrated or enjoying a favorite holiday drink. But not all tumblers are built the same! Here are some items you should be keeping in mind when you're picking out a tumbler your clients and employees will love to use every day.

What to Look for in Your Tumbler

1. Insulation Properties. One of the main reasons tumblers are purchased is so consumers can keep their favorite drinks at the perfect temperature. The last thing you want is for your morning hot cup of joe (or iced coffee) to be room temperature before even being able to enjoy it. We offer several different options, including double wall construction, copper vacuum insulation, thermal vacuum insulation, and more!

2. Size. For all the water drinkers trying to get their recommended daily amount, or those that commute for work and need to take their favorite tea with them, you'll be able to find the right size for your team with the large range we offer. From 9 oz to 30 oz, we have the perfect match for your clientele with our large variety of options.

3. Lid type. Slide lids, push-on lids, snap-tops, straws, and more are at your fingertips to make choosing the right tumbler for your business quick and easy.

4. Color. Solidify your brand identity with your color of choice! Within our user-friendly Swag Studio, you can add your design to a tumbler that your clients and employees will soon love as their go-to drink carrier.

Why Your Company Needs Tumblers

Aside from staying hydrated on the go, having tumblers for your business is great for two additional reasons:

  • Sustainability has become a much higher priority these days. Your patrons and employees will see and appreciate your ability to recognize new and beneficial trends.
  • They're literally walking advertisements! Once your customers start taking these tumblers out and about, your business will no doubt have increased exposure for more clients down the line! Who can turn down that offer?

Don't wait to get started! Browse our full tumbler page here and reach out to us with any questions!

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